A Colar

COLAR was born of the facilities of Progresso Mill. When the assets of COLAR's owner Ângelo Corsetti were shared,the eldest son Ítalo Corsetti got the Mill's mechanical sector,which was in charge of machine manufacturing and maintenance.In January 2nd, 1949, ítalo Corsetti, Walter Lamb and Bruno Reginato founded Colart Industrial Mechanics Ltd.(COLAR originated from COrsetti ,LAmb,and Reginato.
After working with maintenance services,they started producing cold-conformed goods. The first press built manufactured rivets to be used on the wine barrel arches and rivets for accordeons, which were supplied to factories such as todeschini,Soprano and Universal.Soon after that,they produced higher capacit y machines being able to achieve rivets of 13 mm in diameter.
In the early 1950s,COLAR launchend semi-tubular rivets for vehicle brake pads and eletric engines.For this reason,it manufactured automatic drills to drill the tip of solid rivets.Later on the 50s,COLAR started producing threads in rods (pins) which,after bent,turned into hooks for wood beds.the thread mills were also manufactured at COLAR , as well as print matrices,thread paddlee and drills,at the same time COLAR started producing nuts and washers.
The market was growing fast, demanding modernization and technology,and in 1969 COLAR acquired the first HILGELAND press,coming from Germany.It marked the end of home-made machine manufacturing.This new view allowed production improvements as well as entrance to new markets,such as:agriculture,transportation,furniture,shoes,leisure,constrution and others.
In 1974 the company moved into its current building,which allowed more quality and quantity of equipment and products.In 1989, COLAR imported the first multimatrices and closed-cut conformer,SACMA Italian trademark,worldwide leader of its segmente and COLAR'S main supplier of equipment.This great advance made COLAR able to enter the market of coldconformed special parts.This is COLAR creating its own history.